Recep Seyhan (author)


(Author; reconteur-novelist)

He was born in Amasya in 1954/ Taşova-Yeşilyurt village. He graduated from Marmara University (Turkish Literature). He worked as a teacher of Turkish Language Literature at MEB (Ministry of Education) schools. For a while, he worked as a teacher of Completion Courses for Mother Language in Bavaria, Germany. He published his observations and impressions under the title of Augsburg Notes. (This work was later published as a book named as The Pictures In The Trash Bin.) For a while, he worked as a  corrector at the correction service of a daily newspaper.

His writing life,  that started with Turkish Literature Magazine in 1979,  continued regularly with Mavera Magazine after 1980. After a long period of interruption during February 28 incidentes, he restarted his writing life from the point of stop and continued his studies.
He wrote and published successful story books and short story theory books.  From the beginning to the present, he has been publishing his writngs in various literary and art magazines as Mavera, Ayane, Monthly Magazines, Records, Dergah, Seven Climate, Turkish Language, Syllable, Neighborhood School, Language and Literature. He lives in İstanbul.

Personal website:

  1. ÇİÇEKLER KESMİŞTİ SELAMI ( Flowers Have Stopped Greeting), story, Ayane, 3rd edition Bilge Kültür Sanat, Ist. 2015.
  2. GÜNEŞİN DOĞDUĞU YERDE (At The Place Where The Sun Set), Story, Reading Library, 2013 ESKADER story award, 2nd edition, Ist. 2016.
  3. AZaZil ’in KAPISINDA (At the Gate of AZaZil, story, BKS, Ist. 2015.
  4. METAL ÇUBUKLARIN DANSI (Dance of Metal Bars), story, BKS, Ist. 2016.
  5. ZONGO’NUN DEĞİRMENİ (Zongo’s Mill),  story,  delivered to the publisher BKS, Ist, 2019.
  6. EVE GİDEN YOLDA (On the way to home), Ottoman Culture Studies, BKS, Ist, 2019, delivered to the publisher.
  7. EBUCEHİL KARPUZU (Ebucehil  Watermelon), novel, 1st Edition, awarded with 15th July Jury Special Award by Bahçelievler Bel. İst. 2018.
  8. BANA HİKÂYE ANLAT-MA (Don’t Tell Me Story), theoretical articles, ontological-psychoanalytic assays, BKS, Ist. 2017.
  9. ÇÖP KOVASINDAKİ RESİMLER – Pictures in Trash Bin  (Augsburg Notes-Excursion Observation), Incir Publishing, Kayseri, 2017.
  10. EDEBİ METİNLER 1, 2 (Literary Texts 1, 2), copyright textbook recommended by Ministry, Deniz Yayınevi, İst. 1999.
    YAYINA HAZIRLANAN ÇALIŞMALAR (Works Prepared for Publication):

11. HATEM TAYİ HİKÂYELERİ (Hatem Tayi Stories) Comparative              translation from Ottoman Turkish, BKS, Ist. 2016.
12. KELİLE VE DİMNE, beautiful Stories for beautiful children, Mahdi        Azer Yezdî translated into Persian,  N. Yildirim translated from            Persian,  Recep Seyhan reviewedadapted  to our language and          prepared for publication. Bilge Culture and Art, Ist, 2017